Question regarding domain.

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Hi all,

I have a question in my mind can u ppl plz reply answer of this.

Q:- May I change the name of domain? if yes then plz tell me ho can it possible. plz tell me step ...


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    Windows 2003 Forest Functional Level allows for the changing of a domain name by using the rendom.exe utility. It is obviously recommended to build your Active Directory Forest and Domains with a longterm mindset so this renaming and restructuring most likely will not have to occur.
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    Domain renaming works OK with W2003 but not with W2000 or W2003 SBS. I think Exchange is the problem with W2003. Its easier to do a reinstall with SBS than change the domain name.
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    Possible, yes... pain in the ..... possibly yes.

    I have used rendom a few times, mainly in lab settings. The results have varied. Some times, it works pretty well. Usually though, fragments of the old domain are still present. (ie. DNS zones).

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