CHP Certified HIPAA Professional

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Im a network engineer working for a small company which does outsourced IT and consulting. I have several clients that I am responsible for who are in the medical field. I am interested, as well as my company, in getting some sort of HIPAA cert or authorization. Has anyone heard of CHP from , It looks like what I want but I have never heard of this test or company.


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    I've looked at these certs and done a few lectures for certified specialists and professionals (HIPAA). You think of the entry level HIPAA certs as Security+ for health professionals. I've seen several of the curriculum books and none of the material would be considered advanced or even intermediate. It definitely be valuable for you if you have health care clients. HIPAA consultants demand top dollar in some markets. So here's a PONTENTIAL formula.

    You+HIPAA certs = Higher billing rate to clients who fall under HIPPA reg = A raise for you icon_wink.gif
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