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Is it just me or are the practice exams that cert21 offer much more challenging than any other practice exam???? I have been acing the others practicetest..but cert21.....not even close. This is NOT what I need to be experiencing when i am this close to taking the exam. I guess my question to you all would who have done the exam is how does cert21 measure up to the real thing?????


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    Well, I personally don't believe a certain practice test is better than another just because it keeps you sweating. I mean... well you can still sweat over something really obscure and useless. I'm not saying cert21 or any other practice exams are so. But the measurement people use to grade a certain practice exam is not always the same. Although I've never personally used cert21 practice exam, the following are certain aspects I look for when grading a practice exam: (listed from most important to least important)

    - Does it thoroughly explain questions when you answer them incorrectly?
    - Does it have a references section for every explanation? where, in the case the explanation doesn't suffice, you can go back and read from an up to date reference source?
    - Does it present its questions in an understandable manner? (remember, an understandable question is better than one you have to decipher the msg.)
    - Does it cover all exam objectives, and sub-objectives?
    - Does it contain at least 15 questions per objective domain?

    that's my rough chart. every point has a 5-20 (poor, satisfactory, good and excellent) grading score. You might be surprised to know that out of all the transcended exams I've used, only one of them got a 90, the rest hit 100 square in the face. Again, that's my judgment. You can try it urself.
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    It seemed that some of the stuff in the cert21 test was beyond the scope of the net+ exam.
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