Will this class help with CWNA?

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Hello, I'm getting registered for a class from Giga-wave.com to take the course called "Aironet WLAN Fundamentals & Site Survey v6.0". I was wondering if this would be of great help for the CWNA test, I'm taking it anyway as it will be given to me by my employer since we are dealing with wireless more and more. Here is a description of the course:
This course is instructor-led training and includes instructor assisted, hands-on labs. This four-day course examines the fundamentals of WLAN technology and provides the foundation for designing and installing the Cisco Unified Wireless Network. Detailed lecture and hands on labs introduce WLAN applications in specific markets, topologies and design concerns, essential equipment, configuration, network management, security and site survey techniques. After completing this course, learners will be able to discuss lightweight access points, controllers and the advanced feature set as well as autonomous access points and the core feature set.
To participate in the hands-on labs, please bring a laptop computer with an available 32-bit CardBus slot. Laptop should have MS Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4 or later) or XP OS loaded. Laptop should also have a 9-pin serial port or USB to serial adapter. IN ADDITION, you will need administrator rights to the laptop to install the drivers for the wireless card.
I have experience setting up and installing Cisco 1100's, 1200's, and some experience with 1400 bridges (did one install of them). Thanks for any answers in advance.


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    Yes, that would all be great knowledge and experience to have for both the CWNA and CWSP cert exams. Let us know what you think of the course and if you'd recommend it to others.
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    Ok, thanks, I will definitely let you guys know my thoughts on the class when I have completed it. This will be the first real professional training any of us technicians at work will have recieved (the engineers get to go to training all the time) so I'm really looking forward to it and plan to soak up the information like a sponge if I can.
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