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I am taking the exam next Wednesday, and I really need some useful tips and help, one of my biggest concern is this, do I have to know how to configure a switch for VLAN and basic operations, and VTP, ISL on a router, frame-relay maps, isdn dialer lists, ospf, eigrp. Are the sims very hard, had anyone ever got to configure a frame relay map, or ISL on router port? Please can any one give me tips, because I am really unconfident, I was taking CCNA classes for two years, and was studying for this exam for about two months, so I dont really want to flunk this exam!!!(I was studying from Todd Lemmeles practice tests, and router simulators, hope those will be enough?!?!)

Thanks to my Lord, and this forum, for the encouragement and support and to other matireals, I finally passed my CCNA exam. My score was 936 at my first try. I didnt have no social life for two weeks, studying for CCNA, plus I've taken CCNA classes at my High School, for two years, we had a whole lab set up, so the simulated questions was the easiest thing ever. Basically what I first did is read the whole book by Wendell Odom, and then do the Todd Lameles practice test. All together I studied from Odom book, Todd Lammeles practice questions, celticrover.com, and some more websites that had practice tests. I was surprised that I've seen some questions that are almost alike from celticrover.com website, and Todd Lammeles tests. Braindumps were very useful, if you know how to use them, because the more and more questions I did, everything started to make sense to me, so I wasn't just memorizing stuff, I was understanding all the topics. Also for those people who are planning to take the exam, you wont see something unfamiliar on the exam, just kind of tricky, but tricky only applies to those who memorize stuff not understand it.

had questoins on subnetting(subnetting is a gift question), STP, VLAN, VTP, Frame-Relay show commands, two sims, troubleshoot three routers, apply ips and enable interfaces.


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