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I have an interview today after work for a company I'm very excited for. I don't have much IT experience. Right now I'm going to school for Networking, work a little bit with Access Databases (mostly clerical work - but i help maintain them) and previously I was a Comp Lab Tech for classrooms in a college. I helped set up networks and troubleshooted basic stuff.

The job I'm going for is a Computer Operator the jobn description is : "The Computer Operator is a member of the Network Services Team. The primary focus is to perform the required batch processing for the company's core processing system based on our daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly policies and procedures. This position is responsible for all batch processing, report distribution, peripherals, interrelated system maintenance and uptime, and ongoing development of our processes and procedures. "

What kind of questions should I be prepared for? Basic troubleshooting (blue screen of death..etc.) and just the regular "Name the time when.."? The job description sounds kind of like what I'm doing now with the databases, but it says it's with the Network Service Team..

Any kind of help?


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    That job's description sounded like all you will be doing is processing the data, enter it into the database.

    not a good job to start, try search for at least a tech support position
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