Cleared BCRAN

thisisalex02thisisalex02 Member Posts: 136
Oh man all i gotta say is i hate ISDN... :) Overall it was a good test, but make sure you know ur isdn, Frame Relay and VPN config. You need to be solid on these topics. These are my scores broken down.

Passing Score : 790

Your score : 943

Describe and Implement Frame Relay- 80%
Describe and Configure PPP in a Remote Access Enviroment- 77%
Describe and Implement ISDN- 100%
Describe and Implement queuing and compression solutions- 88%
Describe and configure Broadband connectivity- 100%
Describe and configure a site-to-site VPN and AAA- 100%
Describe and implement backup connectivity solutions- 100%

I used Train Signal as main Study material and of course home lab.
Switches are bridges on steroids!


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