A 5 Star Book On Windows Security

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Protect Your Windows Network: From Perimeter to Data
by Jesper M. Johansson, Steve Riley

In my opinion, this is THE best book I have ever read (and I have read a few) on security in a Windows network. It is very well written; unlike a standard security book that simply has configuration guides and checklists. These guys are not only security gurus, they are very good authors who know how to write. The book has a definite Microsoft bias, but I found very little that I would disagree with. I highly recommend this book, and no I am not getting any kick backs for marketing this book. icon_lol.gif

I think that it would be helpful to those persuing the "Security" specialization for MSCA/E, even though it does not directly map to the exam itself.

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    Yup, this was required reading at my school for the Security+ class, the classes for 70-298 and 70-299, as well as a few others regarding intrusion detection and network defense. I can honestly agree with sprkymrk's review, and I also highly recommend it to anyone interested in security for Windows networks. (Hell, it's a good read regarding security practices, in general.)

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