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Just wanted to let everyone know that the new official guide has been released. It's no secret that the first release had a considerable amount of typos. This version is much improved. I got a review copy a couple of months back and I'm half way through it already. Also, the first version was notorious for being a dry read (think the big blue MS Press books), however this version is much smoother and a much more enjoyable read. Here's a link to it. I don't know Hal Tipton very well (only met him a couple of times), but I do know Kevin Henry very well and he's a very skilled writer and presenter. He's also the director of education for ISC2.


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    Does this book replace the same book by Susan Hansche, John Berti, and Chris Hare? That book was published by Auerbach, and this new release is published by (ISC)2 Press, so does not list it as a new or 2nd edition. This fact could be confusing to some people.

    I bought the previous edition just six months ago, but I think that I'll donate it to my local library and buy the new one. I was consistently disappointed by the lack of explanation and poor detail in many of the subject areas described by the book, and I did find it a dry (boring) read. I see that the same book for the SSCP exam is due out in March 2007, but from different author. Have you looked though a review copy of it yet? Is it as well written as the new Tipton book?

    I attended a lecture given by Hal Tipton last month at the ISSA Orange County chapter's monthly meeting. He's an entertaining speaker and has more stories about information security than I could imagine. He didn't mention this new release of his book, but he did say that he's spending most of his time these days working on new training materials for the (ISC)².
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    Yes it is a replacement. The problem with the previous version was the editors. Supposedly they let some things slip that should have been caught etc etc. You've published a book JD so I'm certain you're familiar with those ins and outs. I'm supposed to serve on a panel with Hal in Feb of 2007 and then again in April, so it looks like I'll be getting to know him even better.

    Yes, I'm half way through my copy and it is definitely much more thorough than the previous one. I'm not saying the previous (other) authors didn't know what they were talking about, but as a trainer (20% of the time) I can vouch that knowing something and relaying something are two totally different things, and Hal happens to be one of those people with the gift of both.

    Excuse any typos. My family is here with me for thanksgiving (my first time hosting), and I've had about 4 Tom Collins. :D
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    I wish I would have waited and picked up that book. It seems very thoroguh I'm using the Sybex book right now, however, and its very good.
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