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hi ppl,

not that i am going to do my CCVP but i think this is the best location to place my query!

So, I was given a Cisco ATA 186,

I know what it does etc, but i was wondering if there is someone who ever used it? Also can I integrate this box in my lab. i only have one of these boxes, if i have 2 i probably can play around with them but i am not seeing it worth it! I am wrong? My home lab is rather the usual a couple a router 4000 series a 2610 a 3620 (with Voip support) etc. Does anyone know of some module to add to these boxes so that i can make use of this Cisco ATA? I see it rather useless to be honest. no command line and the conf site is not what i call user friendly (i never really got my hands dirty on voip)

Grazzi (thanks in Maltese ) :D


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    I've got one.... but you will need something to plug into it (an old analog phone or fax machine) and something else to talk to.

    You can get an NM-2V (or NM-1V) for that 2610 or 3620 and get a VIC-2FXS card.... and plug an old analog phone into the ATA and an old analog phone into one of the VIC ports -- then you can call the other phone.

    You could also use fax machines, one plugged into the ATA-186 and one into the FSX port.

    If you get the NM-2V and a VIC-2FXO, you can plug you regular phone line into one of the ports, and configure the router to send "outside calls" from the analog phone plugged into the ATA out into the real phone network.

    You could also just get an IP Phone and plug into your network -- then you'd only need one old analog phone plugged into the ATA.

    An ATA-186, even with an old analog phone plugged into it isn't much fun alone.
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    thanks very much mikej ! I was really losing hope doing something with this... and now finally i see the light! :D

    cheers mate!
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