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So I'm going to working in the golden state next term for co-op (Quality Assurance position) in a small city west of San Jose.

Anyone have any tips for a foreigner living on the west coast?
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    Well, San Jose is in NoCal, and I live in SoCal, but I can tell you that the enormous amount of road traffic that you will be dealing with up there will come as quite a shock to you. Everything you will need to buy (e.g., clothes, food, housing, transportation) is very expensive, and you will be near a very active part of the San Andreas earthquake fault. The good news is that the weather is very moderate (not too hot, not too cold), there is a lot to see and do between San Jose and San Francisco, hurricanes do not travel that far North, and you are still well South of the Cascade Volcano Range (the last eruption was in 1983 icon_eek.gif).

    And believe it or not, everything I said above also applies to Southern California as well.

    San Jose entry in the Wikipedia:
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    I got a tip...Buy a nice drop top and enjoy the west coast women.
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    garv221 wrote:
    I got a tip...Buy a nice drop top and enjoy the west coast women.
    (Cue the David Lee Roth intro)
    On the road to Cisco. Will I hunt it, or will it hunt me?
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