Study materials for CCIE SP track?

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As I am starting to gather study materials for the test I noticed between Cisco's web sites book list, several lab vendors, video vendors there is a lot of study material to be had. I currently have no CCIE training materials but have just ordered TCP/IP Routing and Switching VOL1/ciscopress. As far as videos, online class of that nature I have access to anything skillsoft and books 24x7 though my employeer which is nice. The only thing is I hate reading online PDF books and prefer the enviromentaly unfriendly old fashion paper book. Other then that I have my CCNP and CCNA books.

Question is with all of the books and videos, and lab books who makes the best material, and what should I purchase? I see ciscpress has a 50% off deal when you buy 3 or more books before the end of the years so I was thinking of loading up.

Also whats good for the lab? I am using dynaimps & dynagen for now. Figured that would be good for about 75% of my lab work and then I will rent rack time somewhere for the other 25%, but that is a ways off as I need to jump the written hurdle first.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    InternetworkExperts is having a $999 special on their first SP Class in December (which I think includes their workbook) -- I think it may be "on-site" (Vegas or Chicago) and "internet" (with the recorded COD available after the class). Saw it in a google ad link here and followed the link :D

    I'd even consider that one for that price -- except it conflicts with a prior engagement I have in San Jose. icon_lol.gif

    NLI ( may have extended their SP workbook special from October into November ($100 off the sticker price).... but I think they are coming out with their "technology labs" update (which would eat up that savings when/if you got them).

    With the written exams changing.... I'm wondering if the Lab Exam may change. Since I'm already dealing with the Security Lab Exam version change.... I'm trying to not be distracted by that possibility.

    With the 7200s being added to the SP Lab.... dynamips is perfect!! I'm going to add a "dynamips server with several network cards" to my home lab setup and talk to my real routers (and switches).

    Are you going to knock out the CCIP after you finish reviewing your CCNP stuff? Several of us already figured out that studying for the QOS and BGP exams for the CCIP are very useful for the R&S CCIE. MPLS was a lot more fun than I imagined. :D
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    What Ciscopress books do you all recommend. The list for the CCIE track is quite extensive. I imagine some of them are not all that good and some of them are worth their weight in gold. For example the BCMSN (ccnp routing) book was great, but the BCRAN (ccnp remote access) book left a lot to be desired. I would like to avoid the "left a lot to be desired" book.

    I have though about getting a CCIP. Might help me at work as well. The catch is I don't want to have to pay for the tests as the books and such are expensive enough. I am meeting with a CCIE in another department to discuss how he got our employer to foot the bill which I think they will but just got to figure out how to do that. If that is the case then I will most likely do the CCIP. Also I have no idea if my CCNP tests will applie toward the CCIP track since they are changing the tests up. If they don't thats one less reason to get my CCIP as I don't feel like taking 4 tests for it.

    Any advice on books would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again! By the way this forum and you guys have been a big help. I have read some of the old posts and it is very inspiring and informational. Not very many good CCIE forum out there.
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