A+ essential and elective certification from 2007

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Dear all,
I am bit confused if one passes hardware and software without sitting for one of the electives in the A+ exam, will one get any certificate from Comptia for hardware and Os only?


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    Not sure what is confusing and if this is even going to help, but here it goes:

    You have until the end of 2006 to complete the Core and OS A+ exams to become A+ certified. (actually there is an extension on this date which is discussed in another thread, but in keeping it simple...this current set of objectives).

    If you decide to wait until Jan 2007 to schedule your exams then you need to take the Essentials Exam and 1 of the three elective choices.

    There is no mix and match between objectives. Meaning if you choose to take your exam this year with the current 2003 objectives you need to complete Core and OS.

    If you choose to wait, you need to take the 2006 Objectives with the new names of "Essentials" and your choice of 1 of the 3 Electives if you wish to be considered A+ Certified.

    If you are ready, take it now. FWIW.
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