frame-relay switching

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I have a 2620 with a 4 port serial module. I also have 3 2501 routers that I want to use to create a frame relay in my lab. Following the guide here on techexams, will using the frame-relay switching command kill the normal routing that i'm using with the ethernet or can they coexist. I want to still use fa0/0 which i have setup as "a router on a stick" and run the serial ports as a frame relay. Can this be done?


  • loboernestoloboernesto Member Posts: 94 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Your router in a stick will still work but I wont' be connected to your frame relay though. You can still do routing with that ethernet interface but think of the serial interfaces as a separate frame-relay switch.

    I can't remember right now, but I had frame relay configured in a 2520 and used the ehternet interface connected to another router and routing worked... but the serial ports on the 2520 were acting as frame relay switch so the ethernet interface was separated from them in a way.

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