Permanent V Contracting IT jobs in the UK

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Hey All :)

I've recently started an IT support contract in central London (public sector) for 5 months. The pay rate per hour is not bad but not the sort of rate that guarantees you a year's wages in 6 months. Basically, I'm looking for advice because I've been offered a permanent role in a multi-national IT service providing company, on the Wintel Server Support team (something I've not done before but my lack of real world server support experience is a known factor and training will be provided). The perm wage is OK but ultimately about 5k less a year than projected contract earnings. My background is a year's helpdesk support, then three years desktop support and a modest six months as a systems administrator. I've also worked for this service providing company before and more or less know that for all the time I'm likely to be there, any sort of pay rise or benefits are likely to be few and far between.

What to do? The current contract is floor-walking, desktop IT support which introduces some elements that I've not supported before and ultimately, I'm earning more than I ever have on a perm wage. I'm learning a bit more about desktop support but there's a limit. If I go for the perm role, I take a drop in salary but I guess I have the security of a permanent position and can fertilise my CV with a few years of server support to go with desktop support.

I'm also in the fortunate position that in my personal life, my wife is the 'breadwinner' and earns a good wage that pays all the monthly bills with a modest amount left over. Anything that I bring in is our disposable spending money.

What would you do? Another two years doing time, building up my CV, earning perhaps less that I could be for my age or go for the big buck but insecure world of IT contracting. I do not have any IT qualifications as yet but this will hopefully change within the next six months/year.

Any advice would be gratefully received :)
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    Until you said you had no certs, I would have said look for another consulting job...

    You need to gain some experience, take the job at 5k less a year and get a couple years under your belt. No one says you need to marry this job. Once you have some exp. most certs mean little again. No one will hire a brand new MCSE over a guy with 4 yrs hands on experience.

    I have exp and certs and can't seem to find a place to quit learning. I always find something else that peaks my interest.

    Hell, I'm even contemplating going for a CCIE even though none of my current clients will benefit from it. (and its all Darby's fault)

    I prefer consulting... its way more challenging and I am always working on different tasks all day long.
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