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This is a problem with IE6. Please do not tell me to use FireFox, I have tried, and prefer IE. What I'm trying to do, is prevent a loading window, from poping up in front of another window, once the loading is complete. I know it can be done, I had it once before. I get wicked pist when I'm viewing multiple pages, and one pops over another I was reading, or typing on.....I have X-Teq installed, and can not find the plugin it uses to change the setting, but I know there is a native way to do this....any help is appreciated.....again, please don't tell me to use FF, I think it sucks, and I have never had half the problems with IE that so many FF users report.....I just simply forget how to change this particular setting...
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    I too prefer IE.

    Unfortunately I don't have any IE6 browsers left to try it on icon_sad.gif Since Dell fixed their issues, I've been able to use IE7.

    Does holding down CNTL when clicking help? Seem to recall doing that, but I'm not certain I've had the same problem as I don't visit many places.

    There may be 1 PC at work with IE6 left on it...I'll look tomorrow.
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    The Prevent applications from stealing focus setting is from the Tweak UI tool:

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    Great! Thanks Johan....I thought I had TweakUI in already, I'll have to grab it again...

    KV, I just uninstalled IE7 last night, it was so slow it seemed. I used for a week or so. I did like the tabs, but the new appearence took a while to get used to. I did what I could to make it as 6-ish as possible. I don't know why, but every page would take forever to load. Once I rolled back, it's much faster.....
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