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I was previously a mainframe COBOL programmer for over 10 years but due to massive offshoring of those jobs, I have gone back to school to take networking and support courses. I now have my CompTIA A+ and CCNA certifications. I am almost done with the Microsoft Server Administration course that prepares for 70-290 exam. So I expect to have the MCP cert soon.

So I am looking at the class schedule for next semester. I can either take the Microsoft Network Infrastructure class or I could also take a cabling class that covers all the material for the Registered BICSI Installer Level - 1 certification.

One argument for taking the Network Infrastructure class is that I know that the Microsoft certifications have alot of respect in the IT community. However, even if I pass the exam related to this material, I will have two more exams beyond that to get my MCSA.

The argument for taking the cabling class is that I cover the material to earn the BICSI certification (although I don't know how marketable or respected it is). Also I know that many employers will want someone that knows cabling. It could be argued that cabling is part of the basics that should not be neglected by someone who plans to be a network administrator.

Any opinions on this would be appreciated. I am still undecided which course to enroll in. Thanks.


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    well i suppose you could do the BICSI course and study for the MS stuff in your own time, thats if you have the extra time to study for 2 courses either that or go for the one that interests you most.
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    Just my opinion, but i would go ahead and get your MCSA first. Yes it is nice that you can lay cable. How often is that really a requirement. I don't see it requested often for administrator or support jobs. Wiring is vastly under appreciated and largely considered more the "blue collar" of IT. I am not saying that it should be that way, it is just my observation. With your programing experience I would start to focus towards the security area. Security is an area that combines networking and programming and is often outsource proof due to the negative impact of having security based overseas. If you are interested in the tech side maybe you might want to go MSCA+security (with Security+ as the elective) and move towards the CCSP certification. It seems a natural fit with the CCNA and hardware experience.

    Good Luck
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    good idea as i am pritty much doing exactly what goforthbmerry said, go for the MCSA in security with security+, and then go for the CCNA/CCSP, then maybe later down the road ill go for CEH and CISSP when i have the required experiance for that one.
    Studying 70-292.
    Aiming for MCSA: Security and 2003 upgrade.
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