Exchange 2003 Question about mailbox location

SmallguySmallguy Member Posts: 597
Hi everyone,

I just installed exchange 2003 and I'm trying to find out if I can still browse to a users mailbox

In 2000 I coiuld open the virtual M drive and mocve spam emails inot a users inbox for them.

I want to know if this is still possialbe in 2003 and if so where the mailboxes are located.


  • SmallguySmallguy Member Posts: 597
    someone here must know

    maybe my question is poorly worded

    if I have a use name joe and I want ot open his mail box on the exchange server

    what is the path to his folder???
  • TechJunkyTechJunky Member Posts: 881
    This feature was taken away in 2003. Microsoft thought that manually removing items in this stored drive caused more problems than it helped. You can set up filtering rules per mailbox, but that is about the extent.

    Good luck.
  • SmallguySmallguy Member Posts: 597
    I didn't like the virtual drive at all

    but I just needed a way to forward on the emails that got filtered out

    I set up an imap account and it workd fine.

    thnak for your reply
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