can I still open a users mail box in 2k3??

we are filtering all our spam mesages to a folder called "Junk Mail" using GFI mail essentials

under exchange 2000 I just open the M drive go to> mbx and go to the users mail box.

I don't see how you do this with 2k3.... we are not fully mirgrated over to the exchange box so maybwe that is the issue.

can anyone give me the path under 2k3?


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    The M Drive has been removed. I replied in the Off-Topic section.

    Good luck.
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    Just to clarify, where exactly is mail stored within 2k3?
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    The M drive can be turned back on with a registry edit, but is not recommended.

    Mail is stored in the priv1.edb and priv1.stm files in the MDBDATA folder.
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    There are two other methods

    1. You can also go into AD and open a user's AD account options and go to Exchange Advanced Tab. Go into special permissions Mailbox Rights for Administrator and give the Administrator an explicit Allow to control a user's mailbox which will override an inherited Deny.

    Then you can go into the Exchange General Tab and go to Exchange General Tab. Go into Mailbox Rights and go to Delivery Options. In the send on behalf, add the user's mailbox that you just granted the explicit allow to. This will allow you to go into Outlook and go to file > open, then open a user's mailbox.

    2. (same as step #1's first paragraph)

    Then you can go into Outlook and open up the configuration for a user account. Same set of options where you would go to configure RPC over HTTP or cached mode. On the Advanced Tab, you can add a user's mailbox to there and then it will bring their entire mailbox over into a new section in your Outlook. Since you added the explicit allow, it will allow you to view this user's mailbox that way.

    I'm not aware of the legality of invading a user's privacy this way, although I know the servers belong to the business and it's the right of the business to do as they want with their servers. I'm curious as how businesses deal with administrators viewing people's e-mails and if there's anything you need to have employees sign or read beforehand acknowledging the fact that they know the servers belong to the company and their e-mail can be read, etc... Can anyone shed some light upon this?
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