Bad experience with USB to Serial adapter.. Need help!

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Since most PC's these days only include one serial port, I got a USB to Serial port conversion adapter to attach to my rollover console cable. It is blue colored, made by iConcepts, in device manager it appears as "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm port (COM 4)"

The connection serial port settings are the same as my onboard serial port, that is 9600-8-n-1 with flow control set to none.

In teraterm and hyperterminal I can connect to my 1720 router, but I only recieve output. It does not respond to any input keys that I use.

Anyone have the same USB to serial adapter? Or any other brand for that matter? Do USB to serial adapters work well with routers at all?

The device drivers were downloaded from this site. It also includes a small picture of the adapter:
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