My Problem areas.... got some virtual server questions

bcairnsbcairns Member Posts: 280
After hitting a few practice tests, it became obvious that my problem areas are indeed:

1 - Create and manage Computer Accounts
2 - Troubleshoot Computer Accounts
3 - Troubleshoot Terminal Services
4 - Create and Manage Computer Accounts in Active Directory.
5 - Monitor System Performance

So I am going to use MS Virtual Server to setup a Windows 2003 Server and a few Windows XP Pro computers.

Will spend time practicing joining the computers to the domain, resetting accounts, ect ect.

My question is - has anyone run into any snags using this method?

Any tips or hints or "gotchas" that I should be aware of?

One thing that has me scratching my head is Terminal Services.... possible to run terminal services from a virtual machine to a virtual server?

As a side note I am also going to setup Ubuntu or Fedora on another virtual machine to play around with for Linux+
Just Curious


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