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I just found this site though google. Nice site you guys have here.

I took a lot of courses in computers. I've just been procastinating. Comptia by E-Mail said I have plenty of time but now by phone they said the end of this year they're moving to 2006 objectives and I'd no longer. So I scheduled both Hardware and OS in 12 hours. 1 PM CT today I have an apointment. And then 3:15 the other one. I forget which is first but no bigee.

Anyhow still 2 questions remain.

1. Does much rewally between 2003 and 2006 objectives? It's just more updated but is it really hard?

2. How was the 2003 OS part? I think I can do hardware in my sleep. But OS has always been dificult. And no mac or linux right? Only MS XP, etc?



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    Please identify the maximum Vcore of the Pentium 4 Northwood(C) 2.8GHz in your sleep.... icon_lol.gif

    have you read any A+ study materials? mac os/apple and other terms suggesting non-MS WinXP questions are on the OS exam.
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    I've already taken a lot of classes. And usunig a couple of examcram2 books.

    But the tests weere confusing. To many trick and personal questiojns.

    The Hardware was easy. Not impressive but I passed at least. 539 I think it was.

    But OS I failed. Only 474 out of the 505 they needed.

    But anyway no MAC or linux was on the test.

    So I need more help with the OS. OS was laways hard.

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    Welcome to the site! :)

    To answer your questions...if I understand what you are asking?
    Neither A+ exam is difficult. They are geared toward candidates who work (or have worked with) the components being tested. People who have studied the material are able to do well too.

    You may download a copy of the 2003 and 2006 objectives from CompTIA's site.
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    Maybe I wasn't cleafr. I am good with computers. Kinda always have been. But it was difficult. Even after all the classes. I just wish the OS was seperate. I've built serveral PCs. But the OS is not that easy. Hardware is much easier.

    Just a few study guides or online practice about the Windows/DOS startup files and procedures, etc. It's hard to memorose all those boot.ini, etc.

    But I haven't seen any good online material that goes into just that.

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    Flash cards.

    Write down everything you cannot remember on flash cards. I did this in school a lot, and it also help me remember the OSI layer and the IRQ's for the Net+ and A+.

    As Plantwiz said, the exam isn't that difficult. Create your own practice test questions on the areas you're weak on. I've said before in previous threads to you, I think you should look into another area of practice exams, but I'll leave that up to you.

    Good luck dude!
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    Yoy will be alright. Study by taking notes frequently. Remember what you read at all costs. You will not have to worry if you memorize key concepts from the study guides. I need to take my A+ test. I hope I pass.
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    ivnj wrote:
    How was the 2003 OS part?

    It was difficult for me at the time. I didn't have much experience with all the OS's mentioned in the exam.

    When are you sitting the exam again?
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