Questions on this exam and how to study.

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I'm currently taking a 5 day 70-290 class. The instructor is not a good one in my opinion, he's all over the map, skimming and lots of off topic talking.

My questions..

1) Should I try and take the test on Friday? (He recommends not to)

2) Can I depend on these Train Signal & CBT Video's to help me pass the exam? Are they even worth watching? The demo video clips seem better then my instructor.

3) What study methods shall I take?


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    You should take enough time to where you think you are fully trained on the objectives covered for the 70-290 exam that are outlined on Microsoft's site. The best method in doing this, is picking up a book or two and reading them. While you are reading them, follow the labs through virtualized software. You can obtain both Vmware Server and Virtual Server for free. Add in a Windows Server 2003 Evaluation and you're set! Lots of labs are essential to your success. I always like to supplement book reading and labs with the CBT Nugget videos. After you feel you are ready for the exam, try Transcenders practice exams. Just make sure that you feel you are properly prepared for the exam prior to using practice exams. This is because after you have seen the questions once, you tend to remember them and it won't be an adequate determination on your readiness the second time around.

    Good luck!
    “For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.” - Harry F. Banks
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    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I'll try and setup the virtual server tonight (I've never messed with it before)

    I guess I will try and take my time. I also have the Transcenders, so I will follow your direction and not take the exam until I'm scoring well on those tests.

    I'm glad to hear the CBT video's are good material.

    When I did my MCDST not long ago, we took two tests in 4.5 days, and I felt comfortable taking them. I guess it's just my instructor, I've felt I haven't learned anything and he is wasting my time.
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    It's disappointing when you take a class and you feel like your time is being wasted. Our hard earned cash should not be wasted in such a way. I would contact their office and ask to re-take the class with a different instruct. Explain your situation and perhaps you might get a better instructor. Just don't let your money that you work hard for go to waste.
    “For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.” - Harry F. Banks
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