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Ok I have the Sybex A+ book to read. Should I only read this and take notes while reading or should I add to it with something else. I am going for the new set of tests.



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    Here's what I'd do:

    Read through the book first. Lightly. Get through it and don't spend time one topic.

    Second, get the objectives (there is a copy in the book for you), and begin reviewing the material. Here's where you can spend more time on areas where you need more study.

    Third, add white pages, research, etc.. visit this forum for questions and things you need to clarify.

    Forth, review with the practice exams here and in your book. You may also desire to pickup a second book, Meyers (though not as 'current' as the Sybex; Passport; etc...)

    Relax. Light review. Take the exam :)
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