Which IOS version used in the exam?

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Im about to take my intro exam soon. Just wondering in the exam what IOS version does the routers use? I have version 12.0 now, i know it is old and in the sybex book it uses 12.2. IS this the version that is used in the exam? IF so how can i get version 12.2????


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    Many of the simulator exams dont have a specified ios version, it just allows only commands needed to complete the question but if i was to guess on a ios version close enough to the real exams then i'd go with 12.2(15) ipbase at least, since that release changed several of the common commands, but i could be wrong.

    currently, Cisco is using 12.4 adv ent svc on the CCIE R&S lab exams. was 12.3 mainline but the 2621 and 3640's were removed Nov 13th, this year according to Cisco site.

    Since most 2600's and 2500's for sure wont run 12.4, i'd stick to 12.3 if possible.
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    For the CCNA exams I don't think that the IOS version matters very much, so long as you're using at least 12.0 or higher. You may want to learn the various ways of creating VLANs on a 2950 switch however, because there are several ways and the VLAN Database method is being phased out, but isn't gone yet.
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    This question has been stated and answered in my thread;
    "IOS Versions and Feature Set Information"

    Please visit this thread for full explination and answer to this question.

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