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Just curious as to what kind of job i should be looking for with just an A+. Im soon to take the tests and want to know if its feasible to quit yer "McDonalds" job to get started in IT.

I printed this here beacuse it has the most watchers out of the other forums and is semi on topic.

I live in an area that is close to a major AFB and has many defense contracters around and just a few local owned pc repair shops.
Im wondering before i get laughed at if those defense contracters take many entry level A+ kids and put them to work, or if id have to be some kind of rocket scientist. I figure most of those places do anything from metal fabrication, to lab research to bomb building to office stuff, and im sure it all requires computer interaction.

All in all just asking for everyones opinion on the kinds of places to get yer foot in the door that expect a learnig curve and anyones stories or experiences with thier first time IT jobs.

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    Not one of the 41 peopel that looked at this thread had an entry level A+ job? Should i wait till i have MSCABC? How can you afford all that unless you made more than 120 a week livin by yourself diggin holes or cookin food?
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    I currently work for a tier one computer manufacturer, so here's my 2 cents worth.
    With the current state of the economy and the resulting 'tech wreck', it's going to be hard to get a job anywhere in IT right now. Certainly, the more qualifications you have, certifications, degree, etc, the better chance you have against other job candidates. This does assume that all other factors are equal, and we all know that that is seldom the case. In a time when more companies are cutting back, rather than hiring, landing a job at any level will come down to who you know, and then how well you interview. You'll have to have something to bring to the table, so yeah, get certified, but more importantly, know your material. Don't just memorize test answers. Best of luck.
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    a+ is considered the 'first rung' on the it ladder. it will not necessarily get you a job running an it department, but it proves that you can build and troubleshoot computers and install, conigure and troubleshoot operating systems.

    my job is an it technician in a school. i do a little admin, but mostly wordprocessing.

    many think the a+ certification is enough to get a help-desk job, or build/repair tech in a computer shop.
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    I agree with Bellboys post. It is indeed a great way to get your foot in the door as an intern or a help desk position. These types of entry level opportunities are a fantastic way to get on the job training while you continue your own studies, and they will very often lead to career advancement within that same company.
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    Looks like I forgot to login, that last one was from me. To add to it, I have seen first hand on numerous occasions where earning certifications showed the department heads that the employee was serious about his employment, and commited to a career, not just a job.
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    i would say that was the case all over. employers may look at potential employees certs and judge whether a candidate is always willing to learn by the qualifications he/she holds.

    that's why its important to try to get your foot in the door. the experience may not be doing the job you would prefer, but if they can see that you are trying to improve your knowledge to move on, they may make the opportunities ;)
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    Also keep in mind that many larger comapnies might require help desk staff to have their A+. This seems to be the trend in my neck of the woods. I also would add that you should start looking for that first IT job now. Don't wait until you have the certification. Too many certs and no experience can also cause your resume to end up in the circular file.
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    I currently work in the I.T. department to an Insurance Brokers. It is only a work placement so I am not paid but I am gaining invaluble experience.

    I have been here for 3 weeks now (Passed my A+ on tuesday just gone) and I have another 2 months 1 week left on my placement. After which this copmany might take me on if I have proven myself and they have a space in the department. If not I will take my three months experience, letter of recommendation and my certifications and apply to work in a similar environment.

    Yes okay no money for three months but it is proving to be worth the stress and I just have to organise my finances accordingly. Already I am working on my own and left to deal with printer and OS problems and my colleagues are always a call away if I have any doubts.

    Right now I am upgrading two programs on all 200 machines in the building. only one room left to go :D

    I can remotely control workstations and have already learnt how to mend simple laser printer problems.

    Though it is killing me not being able to do as much or go everywhere I would like due to finances... I believe in the end it will be worth it and you should try to find something similar.


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