passed today =)

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i passed today with a 833, like everyone has said there are a lot of scenario questions, i got a light load of token ring though..... johan thanks for the technotes, they are a great pre-test review.



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    Congrats :)
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    Great score!
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    Congrats.....and good luck in the future
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    thanks for the congrats everyone, i really do appriciate it.... next up is CCNA, im in the cisco academy @ school in module 2 (we just started today), and the teacher opened the door for anyone wanting to take mods 3&4 (they are combined where i go to college at) ... he said once any of us pass all the tests and the final in mod 2 we can enroll in 3&4 and go for those as well ... [which means i may be going for my CCNA by the time this quarter is over] ... ill see everyone in here or in the ccna forum

    regards & thanks again
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