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I am new in the Info Sec world. Currently a Systems Analyst working with SQL, Informix on a UNIX plataform. I previously worked as an Oracle Financials Sys Admin. I do have a BS in Mgmt Information Systems - Info Security concentration @ FAU (Computer Forensics, Info Sec and Info Sec Mgmt classes just to mention a few). I am A+ and Network+ certified as of now and am starting to study for the Security+. I will also start a Masters Degree in the midle of the next year @ Nova University (National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education approved by National Security Agency (NSA)).
I am pretty sure that Info Sec is the path for me. I like the subject, I loved the Info Sec track in my BS degree and specially those classes cited above.
Here is my first question to all of you (Info Sec GURU's).
Which of these Masters Degree would be better for me to take ?

M.S. in Information Security -

M.S. in Computer Information Systems (Concentration in Information Security) -

M.S. in Management Information Systems (Concentration in Information Security) -

My second question is:
After taking the Security+ I will be doing the Masters of course. Which certifications will be the good ones to go ? I do not work with Info Sec TODAY but after my Masters I believe I can get a Info Sec job.
Is it CCNA, CEH, MCSA: Sec, MCSE: Sec ? Or what?

I think this is enough for now. I appreciate any comments.

I do see myself working with Info Sec 2 years from now. The direction in Info Sec that I want to go? I do not know as of now. I love Computer Forensics, I do like any Info Sec subject (policies, hacking, pentest and etc), so I am in totally doubt as what Info Sec segment to persue.



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    Good ole' Nova Southeastern University, home of the Miami Dolphins' training camp! I graduated from Nova High School in 1981, and would have ended up going to Broward Community College and Nova SEU if I hadn't moved to Southern California. I remember considering Nova SEU's InfoSec degree back in 2004, but something about it didn't fit me then (I can't remember what) and I went to Capella University instead.
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    Just a piece of advice. Get any certifications you can out of the way now. I am currently working on my master's and finding time to study is extremely difficult. With a job, family, and school, there is little time to do much else. I am scheduled to take the security+ exam tomorrow but may postpone depending on my practice test score this afternoon.
    As for certifications, I would recommend the MCSA:security first. With experience in the field you may be able to get past this hurdle (or most of it) before you start school. The MCSE:security is just a few steps away from that. The CCNA is great if you want to get on the tech side. It leads to CCSP and CCNP. You already know all this so I won't waste your time. The most important piece of advice I have is to do what you can before you start school. My master's program takes every free moment I have and I don't have much. It will be worth it in the end but I will not even attempt another cert after security+ until I get through in March.
    Going for MCSE:security, Intermediate ITIL, PMP
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    I certainly don't do a lot of re-directing to previous posts, but I think you'll find some value in the posts and replies here.
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