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Which of the following are true concerning inkjet printers?
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Should it be (c) and (e).
TechNote on Printers also suggests this.


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    Read it again.


    Characteristics of inkjet printers
    Inkjet printers come in many different types and sizes they are mostly used as desktop printers and most of them are able to print in color.
    Inkjet printers are generally cheaper to buy than laser printers, however they are more expensive to maintain. Cartridges need to be changed more frequently and special paper may be needed to produce a good quality image. Inkjet printers are non-impact devices hence are quieter than dot matrix printers.

    Most inkjet printers work by spraying small ink onto paper through tiny nozzles. Spraying is initiated by heating the ink to create a bubble until the pressure forces it to burst and hit the paper. Then the nozzle gate is closed again and the process repeats. This occurs a thousands of times per second.

    Most inkjet printers come with advanced tools that allow you to clean the nozzles (takes a lot of ink) and align new ink cartridges. Inkjet printers commonly provide a print resolution ranging from 300 to 1200 DPI.

    Sparying not Pumping.

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    I also had a concern with this question as indicated by
    nickalc. I completely understand why Injet printers can be more expensive to maintain. However I think it should be pointed out that even in Plantwiz's explanation, I see a description of the Bubble Jet printer printing process.

    Although Bubble Jet printers are considerd Inkjet (which are considered all printer that use ink), it is easy to become confused since there are different types of Ink printers that use different printing methods.

    If you studied Osborn A+ Certification Study Guide Third Edition (page 233-234) clearly seeing a seperate description for an Inkjet and Bubblejet printer, you would understand why there seems to be a problem with the considering the Bubble jet process as being the answer. The explanation seem to specifically relate to a Bubble jet printer.

    I believe that's the reason for nickalc's concern. As it goes for me, although I know bubble jet printers are "catergory speaking" considered Injet printers because they use ink, it also holds true that there are specifice printers called Inkjet Printers which use a different print process than Bubble Jet which Plantwiz explained and in the answer.

    I hope it can be seen why the concern with the question.

    Looking forward to a clarification on the matter.

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