A+ certified... now what?

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Hey all, first post here. I just passed my OS exam (2003 objectives) on Wednesday with a 772 and am now A+ certified. I'm trying to decide what cert to go for next. I'm thinking either Network+ or maybe a Microsoft cert (MCDST?).

I started out 10 years ago doing dial-up tech support for a local ISP and as the company kept getting bought out migrated through several different jobs including cable TV installer, cable modem specialist, and now back to IT as a desktop tech/jack of all trades.

I've got a little experience with lots of different IT niches, but I lack a solid background in any one.

Any advise is appreciated.
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    I would personally go with Network+. A+ is good to have because it teaches you the basic foundation of computing and Windows systems. Network+ compliments it by adding a basic Network foundation which helps tremendously throughout both your Cisco and/or Microsoft studies. While I haven't looked at the objectives for MCDST, A+ and Network+ seem to give you an excellent foundation on both the systems administration and network administration side of things. Besides, you'll get the desktop experience when you take 70-270, which is your Microsoft XP exam.

    Good luck and welcome to the forums!
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    Go with either network+ or CCNA. Microsoft certifications are good, but a see lots of jobs that require a CCNA or better. High paying jobs with six figures, benefits, and more. You are basically treated like king of England at some of these jobs. If anyone can give me advice of how hard the A+ is,
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