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Hi Everyone,

In two weeks I'm going for my second attempt at the 801 exam. I just realized that I have some Todd Lammle CBT based on the 607 exam on one of my old PCs and was thinking about going through it all. Any glaring differences that really would screw me up? I have mainly been using the Odom books but feel like I need a different perspective on everything before I go back in and test.

Thanks for your help...



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    Skip the stuff that wasn't in the book -- like Novell.

    Double check the exam blueprint.... if IGRP isn't there, it still may be used in the CBT as a "lead-in" to EIGRP -- so you'd have to make a call on that.

    If the CBT doesn't cover NAT at all..... stick with what's in the book.

    The Routing & Switching should still be a good review.... and any basic networking stuff that covers just IP should also be good (no Novell, Appletalk, DecNet, etc).

    Token ring in examples doesn't rule out the material.... but if they get into source route bridging, RUN!

    Frame-Relay should be in there..... and a mention of X.25 for historical purposes is okay (and as a lead-in to Frame-Relay).... but don't worry about configuration.

    PPP and authentication stuff did exist back in the Networking stoneage... so that should be okay.

    If there is ISDN -- save it for last. If you run out of study time, what you learned from the book should hopefully be enough.
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    Thank you very much, Mike. Good stuff.
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