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Just wanted to find out what are the most important points to keep in mind regarding Bluetooth for the hardware exam. I've barely studied this particular topic, but am finding that some people are getting quite a few questions regarding this.

Any thought/feedback?


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    If you review the Objectives you should see that Bluetooth isn't on the 2003 Objectives. If people are stating that they are seeing questions on it, that may just be some of the next generation questions they 'can' slip in but may or may not be scored.

    I personally would focus on the current objectives for the exam and not worry about what others say they had on their exam. Each exam is unique and who knows....maybe they're lyng ;)
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    Thanks, just wanted to make sure. I've been using Mike Meyers book (5th ed.) and bluetooth is barely covered (beyond A+ section). Other websites don't have much on this either so just making sure I've got my bases covered.
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