Studying the Meyers book??

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When I get the Meyers book, what is the best and quickest way to study from it. I dont have much time, however i would like to start from scracth. But surely if you read and take notes on every page in the book it could take a month or more, i cant afford to fail but because i already have a little bit of knowledge its not worth taking that long. How did you all study from the book??
And I dont really know where my weaker subjects are, so its not like i can pick up on them first. someone help me??


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    Hey dude

    I just read the book cover to cover - watched the vid and did the sample tests. Where I was weak on the tests I reread those chapters.
    I did however view the Learnkey CBTs prior to the test - but the book contained all the info needed.
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    some say the best way to study is to read the book through once and to make your notes on the second reading.

    i would suggest that you take as much time as possible to study, rather than aiming for a date to take your exams that is too close.

    when you think you have most of the book (or books) digested, you should download the objectives from the comptia website to make sure that you did not miss anything or that your book actually covered all the objectives.

    this is when you should take some practise exams and look objectively at the results. try to find the objectives that you are weaker on and study them.

    post any queries you have on this forum.

    there is nothing wrong with taking practise exams earlier in your study, especially if you use those that can ask on specific objectives.

    there is a link to transcender on many pages in this website. their practise exams are excellent.
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