Feedback on Trainsignal - Very GOOD material

PlantwizPlantwiz Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
I've had limited time to view my Trainsignal material, but I can say that this is a very, very good video and I'd only wished I'd tried their material sooner.

I have CBT Lab 14 (Group Policy) and while it took me a little time to get into the trainers accent, he does a great job explaining the material as well as seemingly can adlib through by adding his 'experiences' to it...making it pretty enjoyable.

Is it better then CBTNuggets? That's a tough call. I have one of each now, and both trainers are high energy people which make each video enjoyable to watch.

I do like the lab feature and PDF manual available with Trainsignal as well as the walk-through. The Trainsignal video installs easily (on XP PRO) and you can FF and RW very easily to review the material. I have several more videos/tutorials to watch on this disk set, but at this point, it is a HUGE THUMBS UP!! icon_thumright.gif

Is it expensive? Well, consdering the amount of money I've invested in books over the years....this is probably more suitable to my current learning style. When I was younger I could glance through books and just 'get' new things. These days, it takes me much too long to have time set aside to only focus on reading. I can watch/follow along/ and work on my lab with the video to 'feel' the process. I'll still invest in books (I'm pretty old-school), but with a family, work, various activities I'm involved with....my reading time has begun to slide away from technical materials and more towards non-fiction/some fiction...but more pleasure and this is a first I've read for pleasure in about 15 years.

Main thing is, I've just recently realized my learning style has changed and CBT Videos whether it will be Trainsignal or CBTNuggets will be where I will be looking.

CBTNuggets offers more of an exam prep method or approach. This is good too, but for my personality I like the 'whole' process approach with less emphasis on exams and more emphasis on a working network. Please don't think CBTNuggets doesn't satisfy this....I just like TrainSignal at this point.

Both a very good regardless :)

Thanks for my 5 cent commentary ;)
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    MrDMrD Member Posts: 441
    Trainsignal for the CCNP is the absolute best training material there is, imo. CBT for the CCIE is ok, but InternetworkExpert CoD is by far the best for CCIE.

    My .02 :D
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    SmallguySmallguy Member Posts: 597
    the only beef I have with train signal is how they're organized

    I jaut wish they were orghanized for exams.... or bundled in someway

    so you can buy a 291 bundle instead of the DNS, , DHCP, RRAS etc vids
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