MCSE vs. Security+

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I am about to hopefully pass 70-218, which would give me an MSCA 2000. In 2007, I wished to either get my MSCE or Secuiry+ to add. Which should I go for? I am seriously dreading 70-216 if I went the MSCE route. Will either the MSCE of the Security+ kind of allow me to end up in similar types of roles? Which seems tougher, Sec+ or 70-216??



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    Both the MCSE and Security+ are 2 completely different certifications which allow you to do different things in the IT industry. They both compliment each other as well. Obviously you are interested in both security and Microsoft products. Security+ is an elective for your MCSA and will give you MCSA: Security as well. It is also an elective for your MCSE: Security. If I were you, I would do Security+ and then go for your MCSE and finish up your MCSE: Security.
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    MCSE vs Security+ = no contest. MCSE is far more recognized than Security+. That being said, I am not in any way demeaning Security+. I think it is a very strong certification to have and a good entry to the security world. In my opinion, Security+ is a great exam to have with MCSE but does not come close to equaling it.
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    It's Apples to Oranges. However, Security+ is a good certification to combine with the MCSE for the security specialization.

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    Sec+ won't get you a job.... MCSE would.

    As stated, you can use Sec+ as an elective for MCSE.

    Kill two birds with one stone. :P
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