CCNP home lab setup requirments

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Hello all

need some advice on setting up a home lab ccnp style. How much kit do i need for the whole CCNP exam set ? Ive got 3 2610's already but a colleague reckons i need heaps more !!!!

Any help much appreciated



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    3 2610 isnt bad at all. You do need a frame-relay cloud for some labs, but that could be fixed by putting a NM-4A/S or NM-8A/S in one of your 2610.

    In 95% of the labs only three routers are used. But for some labs, like challenge labs, you need 6+ routers.. so you might consider Dynagen or something there.

    Just my two cents :]
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    get a 2500 with 4 serial ports on it.. theres ya frame cloud if not that use a 4000 series router and get it 4 port card ( these routers are very cheap)

    for the switching side.. 3 switches will be enough.. try to get at least 1 2950 anything.. and use 2900xls.. mainly for spanning tree and port channel labs .. if you can afford 1 3550 get it but its really not needed any online rack time should fill u in or if u have them at work

    now with the newer tests.. read the bprint
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    Out of curiosity, for the security side of the CCNP (the 642-825), do you need any other specific equipment or IOS upgrades?

    Im currently building a lab as almost finished MCSA and am keen to go through the Cisco side next.

    Currently have:

    1x 2620
    3 X 2500 (2522, 2520, 2503)
    1 X 2912
    - And currently looking for a 2950.

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