How can I utilize vmware, or virtualpc to...

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How can I utilize vmware, or virtualpc to create a simulated environment. I have the ability to play with 2k3 at work, but It only makes the IT manager nervous. I need to be able practice at home in a network environment. I need something that I can put on my laptop and do anywhere. The "real-er" the better!
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    the best practice you can have is learn and use the features.
    Once you have win2k3 server installed, enable shadow copy, convert to dynamic disk and implement RAID1 or 5, install IIS and rdp web, enable your RRAS and use NAT/VPN, implement a DC role and setup a DNS server. add new users to implement GPOs, assign them roaming profiles, and grant permissions to folders and printers, restict users to certain workstations and/or logon hours....

    Once you have the first one configured and working properly, setup a second server, and start moving some of those roles to the second machine...and the lab environment becomes lively and fun~

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    You install Virtual PC, create a virtual machine with the wizard, then start it up. Once it starts, it behaves just like a regular computer. You go to the menu at the top of the window and say "capture <your cd-rom drive letter>" and make sure you have your Windows 2003 disc in the computer cd-rom drive. After that, you install as usual. You can create several virtual machines, the only real limit is how much RAM and how beefy your CPU is in the host (physical) machine.

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    MCSA or Bust

    check the above pdf on clustering with VMWARE very nice
    i too am on a strapped budget..but I have raid 1 going at home
    a necessary evil since I have precious data at home
    that I have lost many times;you have to have a raid setup once
    or on the way to becoming a big dog MCSE since I freaking hate
    buring tons and tons of DVDs and CDs; though on the most important
    data i have burned some CDs and DVDs. but keep my RAID 1 going great
    and monthly do a once a month USB drive backup of my RAID1 setup
    just in case. paranoid; you bet i am! it pays!
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    thnx all, i will keep all that in mind... virtual pc seems the best bet... and yes i need to get raid going as well...
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