Troubleshooting IPSec Policies query

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I am using the MS Press 70-293 2nd edition study guide and am confused by some text in the book regarding the differences between using the IP Security Monitor Snap In and the RSOP Snap In.

The book states the following:

IP Security Monitor
When you open IP Security Monitor, the Active Policy folder specifies the policy that is currently in effect on the computer, where the policy is stored, and what Group Policy Object (GPO) applied it.

And the following for RSOP

When you expand the Windows Settings\Security Settings header in RSoP and then click the IP Security Policies On Local Computer subheading, the details pane contains a list of the computer’s assigned policies. The display specifies the Group Policy Object from which the computer received the policy (something the IPSecurity Monitor snap-in cannot do)

Is it just me or does the bold text contradict itself?

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