Your craziest job-related experience

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Hello guys (and gals),

what was your craziest, hollywood-like job experience? Let's make our small hall of fame icon_cool.gif

In my case it was definitely climbing into the data center through the plenum space over the false ceiling, to show how easy is it to get there without any authorization. Yes, I succeeded. No, I was neither jumping down, nor hanging on ropes. No, I didn't have to kill rats with a knife in the ventilation system.


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    for me it was duriong my work experience gonig into a network clsoet with the person I was shadowing (one of my best friends ) and finding pigeons in there.... she ran out screaming and I had to gt them out the window and shut it

    the whole floor was covered in birds eggs and fecis
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    I once had a threesome with a photocopier and a Lexmark fax machine. Never called them back either.
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    Oh I could tell some stories.... icon_lol.gif

    One of my favorites involves a call to a mental insane home that was actually a big old mansion in an old old neighborhood - it was a dark, cloudy, gloomy day to begin with and this "home" was isolated way back on a property several acres in size.

    I figured out the problem was a blown fuse in the attic, the entrance to which was waaaay on the other side of the complex, down some long, dark, old hallways. The place was not kept up very well and had a "doom and gloom" haunted house kind of atmosphere. As I made my way, unescorted, down the wide hallways I passed several "patients" that were congregating and huddled in small groups along the way. I got a creepy feeling and I turned around in time to notice I was acting as a magnet with several of the patients slowly shuffling after me, some drooling, some with arms extended trying to touch me. icon_eek.gif

    Let me tell you I did a double time march, you know like people who are scared but trying not to show it? Once I was at the stairway to the attic I did 3 steps at a time, used the key given me by apparently the only employee on duty at the time, and slammed the attic door shut behind me! I replaced the blown fuse after clearing away several years worth of cobwebs, listened at the door before exiting the attic and silently tiptoed down the steps. I looked up and down hallways before going through intersections and when I had to pass a group of patients I gave them a wide berth and went as fast as I could without looking at them. I had no problems getting back out, so I think the employee must have realized he forgot to put some of the more aggressive patients back in their rooms when I arrived.

    Creepy!!! icon_lol.gif
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    I lived down south on a resort island after graduating from college in 02'. I worked as a network tech and occasionally installed residential cable modems. This hot **** kept calling the office and saying my install didn't work. I had to run back out there two days in a row. Long story short, I ended bumping uglies at 9AM on a stray Tuesday on a service call. The modem works fine.
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    I have Two

    Getting to go to the White House, being escourted around by secret service with P-90 submachine guns, then playing with some of their of backup systems. The company I worked for at the time, somehow got asked to come in and take a look at these old systems. We had a guy working for us at the time (I called him Father time, because he was so old) and he new how to fix these machines. They looked like 3 refridgerators stacked together. He apparently worked on them before in the miliatary, and we got the invite to take a look at them.

    Let me tell you something, seeing that place from the outside, or on TV does it no justice. You can't even take a tour of that place now, after 9/11.

    The second one which I thought was really cool, was getting to shake the hand of the commander and chief of the White House at my current job.

    Not really a hollywood story, but I thought they were really cool.
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