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Hi, I just experienced something weird which I totally fail to understand.

On Monday 14, I received an email in my gmail account from an IT firm I had applied with earlier, requesting if I was still looking for a job and if so to contact them. I couldn't call at that time so I immediately replied on that very day (14/12/2006) explaining this and also told that I’m still in the job hunt and would be interested. I later tried to call them but I was unsuccessful so l left a message.

Now yesterday for some unexplainable reasons, my internet connection went down and I couldn't get it back up. This was strange since I’ve been troubleshooting internet related problems for private clients for the past 3 yrs. Luckily, earlier in the morning I had checked my mails before it went down and was quiet certain there wasn't anything new.

Last night as I checked my PC at around 00.30h GMT and noticed that the internet was back. Immediately I logged in to check my mails and was shocked to see a new message from the IT firm requesting me to send my CV at the meantime if I couldn't call. Shockingly it was dated Monday 11/2006. How and why should an email message 4 days to as if it was a snail mail. icon_evil.gif

I honestly don't know what to think. Could it be some foul play from higher up? I once suspected this which is why I changed to my current email. Should I contact google?

Currently I stand to lose this opportunity due to this delay even though I explained this to the IT firm. WEIRD icon_evil.gif
Hard times on planet earth.


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    Didn't you send them your CV the first time you applied?

    If so then they were probably just updating their records and they didn't really have a job for you.

    I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
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    They actually must have had a previous version in their database which they had checked before contacting me. I'm only surprised that an email message could get delayed for 3 days. Talk about "Man in the middle attack" icon_lol.gif . But why would anyone target a local chap like me.
    Hard times on planet earth.
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    20 bucks it's a problem w/ their email. Had the same problem with my job when I was in the interview process. After the 3rd interview any emails between me and my boss took 3+ days (one took 2 weeks) to get to me. The problem continued until I started and it happened with gmail, yahoo and other email domains (local hospitals and such).

    We're using Groupwise for email and it turns out that these emails were hung up in the queue. My boss restarted the agent service and it fixed it that second. Very weird problem, to this day we haven't figured out what could've caused the problem.
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    One more thing you may want to make them aware of the problem, it's probably happening with other prospective employees, plus it may get you some brownie points by making them aware of a potential problem. And if it's Groupwise they can just restart the server or the appropriate service (i'm not a groupwise guy but i believe it was the POA or the GWIA)
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    Thanks all for your posts which are highly appreciated. Hey SRTMCSE, your idea seems to hold more water than my farfetched "Man in the middile attack" and atleast i don't have to worry about "cyber mail robbery" anymore icon_lol.gif . I actually did inform them in my response so as to explain the 3 days delay of my resume. Atleast i can now study peacefully and keep on applying for jobs in peace. Cheers to y'all. icon_wink.gificon_study.gif
    Hard times on planet earth.
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