Internetwork Expert new v4 Workbook

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Just got an email from them...check it out:

"Our v4 CCIE R&S Lab Workbook is expected to be released in late December, 2006. The new v4 will cover the addition of the two Catalyst 3560 switches added to the lab by Cisco on November 13th, and will cost $495 for the printed version / $379 for the electronic version. You can preview our new v4 workbook by downloading the new sample lab, available here at this link:

In the sample lab document, you'll also find our new 4-switch topology."


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    Most of the workbook vendors probably will be doing updates.

    It's fun watching to see who hits their promised delivery dates.

    But it's not as much fun when you have the Lab Exam Scheduled and are wondering if you will get the update(s) by the promised ship dates. One of the vendors usually misses their promised dates and people with labs scheduled complain loudly.
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    Ha, I bet. I'm definitely going to try and do my lab when there is no changes in sight.
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