Important System Files study tips!!

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Hey friends.

Last night I was flustered and seriously thinking about giving up understanding the important system files. Nothing was working... 3 very good study guides; flash cards; or video professor. I just couldn't retain the information.

Then I had a moment of determination and decided to re-read the chapter on system files from my more "thorough" book. When I was reading I started to see similarities with the files. (An example is below) I then decided that my flash cards were all wrong.

When I first did flash cards, I just wrote the file name on one side... "SYSTEM.INI" for instance... and on the back wrote all the things that "SYSTEM.INI" does. Though I was missing something. ASSOCIATION! It's only after I realized that the files have similarities that I was able to tell them apart. (funny!) The method that ended up working best was some re-written flash cards.

Example: There are similarities between SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI; They are both a part of "Win 9x/ME." They both are "backward compatibility" files for 3.1. They are both not "required" but will probably error.

Another example: On each card, write down which operating system the file is for. Keep it simple: "ALL" "Win 9x/ME" "Win 9x only" etc. Think of the files of the same OS as the same tree.

Final Tip: If you don't get it at first... READ IT AGAIN!! If you still don't get it... READ IT AGAIN!! It should eventually click!

I hope this helps! It worked like gangbusters for me. Good luck friends!
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