Qualcomm San Diego

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Well I submitted my resume back in September, had 2 phone interviews and 4 on site interviews. Totally indepth technical questions.

Stuff like if a server was down in china, and you had no remote access and you cannot fly to china (of course), how would you tell if the server was running? ... Telnet to port 80 and see if you get an open channel of course.

Whats a flapping router, what is the OSI model, what are some Cisco router commands, how can you tell what protocols are running on a specific port on a given cisco switch, and hours and hours of questions and multiple on site interviews. Cisco just happens to be my weakest subject and I even told them that. Im pretty strong elsewhere, unix/windows administration and networking, etc.

Now it all comes down to them making a possible desision by today.

You may just want to check them out for avaliable positions. They are a great company with many world wide locations.

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