the interview at headquarter

Hi, guys,
I passed the first round of interview and got the flight # to the company's headquarter in Omaha for the next round of interview. The position is a field service technician in Santa Monica area in CA. The recruiter told me there's going to be another 4 rounds interview in Omaha, and I'm going to talk to 6-10 managers.

The first round of interview in LA comprised of 4 paper exams about 1. windows/networking/pc 2. electromechanical test 3. customer service 4. character.

What I don't understand is: it's just a regular field service technician, why bother to spend so much on such a position. And what's important, what kind of stuffs are there in the interviews. do you guys have similar experience?

the filight is on tuesday next week. Any opinion and recommendation are welcomed.
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