First Day Jitters

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Well I was a Computer Lab Tech under the supervision of a college professor. then i gained an internship at a biodefense company helping with their database and filing. the internship turned into a yearly salary position for over a year and a half. no wi got offered a job as tech support for a bank company (while they're moving the whole dept. up two floors and installing new comps within the entire company). i start on monday with 4 guys (i'm a girl - a hot comodity in IT) and i feel a little nervous. what if i don't know certain things? what if i'm a little rusty? they said i could ask questions, i'm just very very nervous. any helpful advice?


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    No one that starts a new job knows everything.
    Don't be cocky and people are generally more than willing to help ya.

    Just do them a favor, if you ask a question. Take the effort to remember the answer. Everyone hates giving out the same answer over and over.

    On the girl part, I was at the Vista/Exchange 2007 release conference for MS yesterday and saw a whopping 3 girls.

    The rest of you IT people are a funny looking bunch. I felt like I was at a Star Trek convention instead.
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    the funny thing is that i came in yesterday to walk around the building and meet everyone. the company is FILLED with girls and they kept saying, "about time theres a girl in IT, now we have someone to direct all my calls to" GREEEATTT

    i'll be getting calls just for me to run upstairs so i can "gab" about bradgelina.. (sarcasm) which makes me even more uneasy.. haha.

    it's kind of nice to be one of the girls in IT, but it seems like u have to prove yourself more.
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    jitters are normal. so long as you were honest with your level of expertise during the interview process you should be fine. I was scared out of my mind for my last 2 jobs (my previous job I fell into a systems admin position for a small bank) and my fiancee both times explained to me that they must've liked me and believed in me so long as I was honest with what I know i'll do fine.

    so far she's been right, i don't know everything about this new job but i learn more everyday. my boss brought me on board despite my lack of cisco experience (which really scared me since there is lots of cisco equipment) but he really liked my AD background and windows management experience. had my first eval 2 weeks ago and I did awesome.

    just stay humble, friendly and you'll do great. BTW, I think it's awesome when girls are in the IT field. our IT dept is almost 50-50 men and women. The director of IT and the IT operations mgr. are both women, so are the application specialists and web developers. The network infrastructure and help desk are all men.
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