Job for 70-270

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What types of Jobs can you apply for once you got this MCP 70-270 only, I know the more MCP's the better, but if you only get this 1 and hopefully pass.

Anyone got a job from this MCP?



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    Just passing a test isn't get to get anyone a job. I don't know why people keep saying/thinking it will.

    Having an MCP certification is nice to be able to put on an entry-level helpdesk/call center/desktop support resume, but personality and right fit for the team would be far more important to most employers worth working for.
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    There are a few jobs out there for mcp's, but not many. Don't expect your life to change either. On the other hand, it is better than having no cert at all... Maybe add on a comptia cert or two and then you'll standout more for helpdesk or something like that. After a talk with my IT Manager, he said I probably won't even get a raise for the mcp 70-270... So it's more of a personal vendetta right now... But he said the MCSA 2k3 would make the difference. It would be the promotion and raise that would change my life instantly (I'm still interning)! Basically, keep going, man. Get the mcsa/mcse. But if getting your foot in the door is what you want to do, a mcp might (its a slight probablity), juuuuuust might, do it for you. But expect to have a low responsibility-frontline-type helpdesk job. But its a start, and with ambition you get where you want to be in the end. We all have to start somewhere (heck, who wants to do the grunt work an IT intern does), obtaining the mcp is the starting line.

    Hope that helps...
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