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hello All:
I will be taking my mcp 70-270 late jan or the 3 week in feb/07
i have the cram session 2 book. is there anything else i should study for this any help would be appreciated


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    I am taking the 270 around the same time... Good luck with that (even though there is no such thing as luck). Im using cramsession as well, and the old w2k mcse suite books from ms press have been very helpful, the tech notes from this site are very good too. I am also using cbt nuggets, and i am using alot of my worktime to practice hands-on things in xp (like setting up a ris server, using restore points, and doing backups, setting simple permissions in a complex environment, etc). You may not have to go as far as i did, but you will need more than just a book, man. Also, and most importantly, goto and check out the exam objectives. Study for the objectives, don't just depend on the book or videos, oftentimes the rabbit hole goes much deeper than the book or video will show. Thats when online help/resources come in, after you have been stumped in one of your hands-on exercises! A big tip someone from this site put me on to was: save the practice exams for the end! Wait until you feel ready, then take practice exams. Otherwise, you will only be memorizing questions/answers. That won't help you in the test, or more specifically, on the job!

    Hope that helps.
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    I swear by Trancender and MeasureUp. You could get both for 1 month for $160. Small price to pay to pass it the first time.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks fellas
    MCSA I sent you a pm add me
    i want to do well in this.
    really appreciate it.
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