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Hello can someone tell me more about this certification?

It is good to have this certification if you have Projet+?

Thanks for the response.


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    Hi Magnavex,

    Information regarding the CDIA+ can be found on CompTIA's website and it includes the objectives.

    It is basically a certification covering the information capture/document imaging/knowledge management industry. Other buzzwords include "Business Intelligence" or BI... although that may cover more topics than the exam does. I currently work in this industry and can attest that there is definitely a shortage of professionals in this area.

    The CDIA+ covers a ton of topics, from the specific physical calculations to determine how much disk space a filing cabinet will take to the individual project responsibilities for a particular position. I believe it is a very good exam, and one of the few CompTIA exams that has high credibility in its related industry.

    There is definitely some overlap between Project+ and CDIA+ (on the project managements side), so if one has taken the Project+ or CDIA+ it should help with studying for the other (I say "should" because I have only studied for, not taken the Project+ exam).

    I am not sure how to answer your question "It is good to have this certification if you have Project+?". In the ECM / DM industry, a majority of implementations happen as a mid to large project, so Project Management experience and understanding is definitely a plus. I would say, Project+ compliments a CDIA+ holder more than CDIA+ compliments a Project+ holder. I know that sounds confusing but it relates to the fact that CDIA+ is industry specific, and Project+ is not. Project management skills are valuable in any industry, not just the ECM industry. I would say that Network+ and Security+ are also complimentary to CDIA+, but not as much the other way around... as general network or computer security knowledge and experience are not tied to a specific industry.

    Here are some of the companies in this industry:
    IBM (Content Manager), FileNet [I believe being purchased by IBM], EMC (Documentum / Captiva), ReadSoft, Kofax, Hummingbird [purchased by OpenTEXT], OpenTEXT, Unisys, Hyland, Stellent [Purchased by Oracle], Legato, Interwoven, eCopy, Captaris, Adobe Systems, and now Oracle.

    This is a huge growth industry and has been for many years. There has been considerable consolidation as many of the big players purchase the high-technology partners and patents over the last few years. Oracles recent entry into the industry (already dominated by its database) and now its purchase of Stellent show that the big guns are trying to make a play for industry leaders and market share.

    I know, a little long winded for such a short question, but I always think more information is better than less.

    Good luck,
    Working on MCTS:SQL Server 2005 (70-431) & Server+
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    With regards the CDIA if your in the Doc managment industry how much studying would you suggest. I have read the @doc study guide and most of it seems to be infomation and theories that i use on a day to day purpose.

    But just want to be careful i don't want to rush into the exam like a fool.
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