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Ok, so I've flashcarded myself to hell. I've used pretests too. But the thing is, the more I read from posts on here, I almost feel like the pretests are just gonna brainwash me into thinking that's what the test will turn out like. Only problem is I've used so many in the past few months I almost don't know which ones are better of the many. And if yer wondering which pretests / study guides I was using, let's put it this way. I used myer's as my main reference (books and video) and then I just started using any pretest I can get my hand on. I'm hoping that I'm geared up enough towards the questions I'll have a good understanding of what to expect, but just in case I fail, I can at least take again.
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    Your best bet is to go over the objectives. They can usually be found in the book you're reading., unless you're just using flashcards and pretests, which isn't going to work very well. You can also find them at the Comptia site. Make sure you understand each aspect of the objectives, and how you could implement that knowledge into a real life scenario.
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