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Does anybody have an Adobe Certification??? i.e. Photoshop

I am looking for a forum like the ones here on that discuss Adobe Certifications and the difficulty levels of each...

Any suggestions???


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    I wrote and passed the Adobe Photoshop CS certification on Sept 5/2006. I wrote and passed the Adobe Photoshop CS2 Recertification today. icon_smile.gif

    Here is the skinny on the test. You need to do what I call a "base test". I choose Photoshop CS because I felt I was stronger in this program than CS2. I'm a long time Photoshop user and still found the "base test" hard. I used the gocertify that was recommended. I also used examaids.

    If you go to you can get online training for just photoshop at about $50 - I strongly recommend this online training because it was produced by Adobe and it is geared toward certification. I found it hard not to nod off during the elementK at times but forced myself to pass the assessment tests at the end of each section (100% is considered a pass).

    I also watched the Total Training Photoshop series ( and read Deke McClelland's Photoshop CS one on one and the incredibly dry Adobe Classroom in a book. I passed the certification test on the first try with an 81%. What threw me on the actual test was the way the questions were worded. It seemed at times like they were in some kind of "marketing speak" and it took me several reads of the question to figure out what the heck they were asking. Both gocertify and examaids showed me the areas where I was weakest so I could continue to focus on those prior to the test.

    The required passing score for the Photoshop CS ACE exam was 69%. I don't recall how many questions I had to answer but I do remember that the questions were pulled randomly from a pool of questions. So keep in mind you could have a bad day and get dinged with all the questions from your worst areas or have a great day and get dinged with questions from the areas you know cold.

    Once I had the "base test' done - all I needed to do was take a recertification test for Adobe Photoshop CS2. This test only focused on the new features in Photoshop CS2. This time around I used the ElementK online class (whats new in photoshop CS2) and the examaid. I passed it with a 90.6. It was comprised of 32 questions and I needed 74% to pass. The questions were worded in a very straightforward manner on this test.

    When I started preparing for the first photoshop test I surfed around and found very little info. In some forums people stated that "it was a breeze". I'm glad I studied as hard as I did. I learned a tremendous amount about Photoshop during the study process and now approach the program in a completely different manner. The key thing to remember is that in Photoshop there are about 3 different ways to do everything and you need to know all three for the test.

    I highly recommend that any one interested in the Photoshop certification test start the journey.
    I studied about 1 hour a day for 4 weeks and then crammed like a fool for 4 days before the test. You won't pass if you memorize the questions in the examaids. You have to know the explicit reasons why it is the answer it is. The help that ships with Adobe Photoshop is also extremely valuable.

    Good luck!
    Adobe has some great info at

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